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SendPro® Mailstation

Digitally-connected sending device that is designed to simplify mailing

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SendPro® Mailstation

Digitally-connected sending device that is designed to simplify mailing

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SendPro Mailstation

Compact mailing device


USPS® shipping software

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Frequently Asked Questions
There is no charge if you cancel before the end of your 60-day free trial. You can cancel by calling customer service at 877-822-0996.
Besides your device and everything you need to set it up, you will also receive ink and a sheet of adhesive shipping labels. The monthly fee does not include taxes, which will vary depending on where you live. The cost of postage and supplies are not included in your free trial or your monthly price.
Starting in June 2024 the USPS is adopting a new IMI standard for postage evidencing systems. This cloud-based postage meter is IMI compliant and was designed to meet all current and future USPS mailing requirements.
Your new device enables you to mail with all the different USPS classes including First-Class, Priority, Certified and Registered mail. Plus, access discounted Priority Mail shipping services from your desktop.
There is no limit as to how much you can mail, but this device is ideal for businesses that send up to 50 mail pieces/week.
This device is compact — 12”W x 10”D x 8”H — about the size of a USPS large flat rate box. While small in size it was designed for maximum usability. The integrated 4.3 inch full-color touch screen is the industry’s largest user interface.